Core competences

Logofive core business is represented by products, services and turn-key solutions for Supply Chain processes management:

  • Software design and implementation for industrial process control and supervision (PLC, SCADA-HMI, DCS)

  • Software design and implementation for industrial process optimization

  • Procurement and configuration of hardware and networking equipment (servers, workstations, HMI Panels, industrial tablets, network components, field-bus)

  • Procurement  and configuration of PLC and RTU systems

  • Engineering and construction of PLC Electrical boards, Power boards, MCC boards, IT panels

  • Consulting services for Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering projects

Technical skills

Strong cooperation with leading suppliers of process control tools and technologies, along with a large background in Automation & ICT, enables Logofive to provide customized solutions based on a wide range of SCADA, HMI, PLC and DCS.

Customers can enjoy the freedom to choose their preferred technology platform with the highest guarantee of reliability and security.

Industrial Process skills

Logofive's process competencies cover different fields of manufacturing, among others: Chemicals, Paper, Automotive, Manufacturing Industry, Handling and Conveying Systems, Food and Beverages, Aluminium, Utilities, Water and Fume treatment units.