Assistance and predictive maintenance

Logofive's deep experience is a key factor supporting Customers not only during implementation but also in the after-sale phases.

When the system warranty period is over, a Logofive Service Agreement is a prudent investment and gives top priority to emergency issues from skilled professionals. With a combined assistance and updating services, the systems will be kept up-to-date and operating reliably.

Customers are supported on-site, throguh dedicated service visits, and remotely, via VOIP, internet tools and remote desktop applications, ensuring reduced system downtime and optimal plant performance.

With the aim to preserve business continuity, Logofive also prepares dedicated contingency plans that include following procedures:

  • identification of the critical products and activities to maintain business continuity;
  • notification/with 12 months of advance notice the replacement of software components;
  • notification/with 24 months of advance notice the replacement of hardware equipment;
  • scheduling of on-site visits and remote assistance slots, to keep under control periodically the functionality of the systems
  • customized proposals to update, replace and get-on-stock hardware and software components, with the aim to reduce temporary interruptions and recover from damage.

Spare parts

Factory Automation devices break and downtime can seriously damage Customer in terms of productive inefficiencies.

Logofive spare parts dept. procures new and reconditioned parts to get industrial machines back-up and running at the best price.

Among others, following brands and products are managed:.
  • Servers and workstations: DELL and HP
  • HMI Panels: Siemens, Rockwell Automation
  • PLC Systems: Siemens, Rocwell/Allen-Bradley, GE, Schneider, Omron, Vipa
  • Electrical components: Cema, Elfin, Finder, Omron, Phoenix, Rockwell, Siemens, Weber, Weidmuller

To minimize risk of expected interruptions of Automation Systems, Logofive proposes customized "spare packs" that ensure the continuity of operations for at least 3 years from the first supply.