Global provider in Factory Automation and Process Control

Process Control Solutions

Logofive designs and implements performing solution for supervision and control of continuous and batch processes in several industrial areas.

Industry expertise, quality and reliability of supplies, consulting and efficiency-oriented approach are some of Logofive's distinguishing features that have led our Customers to choose us as preferred partner in various challenging Factory Automation projects.

Business Consulting Services

Logofive's knowledgebase is the result of well-established cooperation with primary Engineering companies and Plant Manufacturers: from here are derived the capabilites to effectively support Customers whenever process improvement and re-engineering is requested.

Logofive's consulting team is formed by young, self-motivated and high potential guys, with ICT and process cross-competences in different Supply Chain applications.

Logoview™ | SCADA Package

Logoview™, the evolution of Logoview NT, is the SCADA Package developed out of Logofive expertise in system integration and custom projects.

Installed in thousands control system applications worldwide, Logoview is a versatile and cost-effective tool for developing Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition projects in industrial environments.

Logoweight™ | Multidosing System

Logoweight™, formerly known as LTP100W, is an high performance electronic controller for weighing and dosing management in chemical, pharma and food productions, and, more generally, wherever mixing of ingredients is a critical part of the process.

Logoweight can be succesfully used both in continuous and batch mixing, assuring high computing speed and high accuracy of measurements.