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LOGOVIEW, the SCADA Package developed out of solid experience in system integration and customer projects in industrial environments

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) represent the most effective software tools for real-time process control and supervision. Through interactive graphic interfaces they enable operators to check the plant functioning and to manage it by remote control.

Logoview™ is a SCADA Package developed out of Logofive expertise in system integration and custom projects, so as to meet the highest levels of reliability and security demanded by industrial contexts: actually this package is installed in more than 2,500 Control System Units all over the world. 

Logoview  is made up of automation subsystems, local network components, server (redundant if necessary) and control supervisor clients. It is not simply designed for field data acquisition, but also to ensure information exchange with other equipments, via standard communication protocols. Herald of object-oriented programming, Logoview can count on a stunningly advanced and intuitive user interface: pointing devices, drop-down menus, toolbars and multiple windows allow to view charts and animations and play sound effects, at the highest usability levels available in the category.

In addition to high level of connectivity and communication features, common to all major SCADA packages, Logoview is conceived fully compliant with “Wintel” platforms, for an easier and quicker mdevelopment of scalable applications. Strengths that makes Logoview a powerful tool to provide versatile, professional and cost effective solutions. >>