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LOGOWEIGHT, hi-performance controller conceived to manage weighing and dosing systems for solids and liquids in continuous and batch mixing processes.

Logoweight™, formerly known as LTP100W, is an electronic integrated device conceived to support management of weighing and dosing of solids or liquids in continuous and batch mixing processes.

Designed by Logofive according to modularity and scalability principles, it is developed upon Hitachi microprocessor technology.Logoweight allows extremely accurate acquisition of signals, coming from load cells or encoders, and can effectively govern weighing and dosing belts, loss-in-weight dosing units and scales for solid and liquid ingredients.

A user-friendly interface and simple guided procedures enable a quick field installation and the set-up of the dosage form without memory replacement.

Logoweight is also equipped with Modbus and Profibus communication interfaces, allowing to manage production recipes and data exchange with process control systems.

Logoweight can be used successfully in chemical processing, pharma and food&beverage production, where is required the mix of ingredients with a degree of accuracy very high, if compared to the output capability of the plant: operation that, to reach the reliability requested, cannot be performed by standard controllers (PLCs, ...) but must be entrusted to higher performance systems. >>