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01.03.2016 - Logofive consolidates its excellent partnership
Engineering, Inkmaker, FlexLink, Nol-Tec and other leading companies in plant engineering and construction have renewed the partnership with Logofive for the turnkey supply of control systems, including SCADA/PLC development, switchboards fabrication and consultancy services.

31.12.2015– FY 2015 annual report
Despite the decreasing trend of industry cluster, Logofive FY2015 results highlight an improvement of Equity and Cash Flow indicators. Logofive mantains its net financial position positive and reliability conditions about financial ratings.

01.06.2015 - Logofive solutions for material conveying and handling systems
FlexLink, a leading company in production logistics, has commissioned to Logofive the Integrated Level 2 (SCADA) and Level 1 (PLC) Control System to manage packaging process of a primary brand Tobacco's facility. The selected solution, fully integrated with the Level 3 (MES), governs all the operations from the conveying of shipping cases to their palletizing.

01.03.2014 - Logofive as main supplier in the automation and control of river water
Logofive was chosen by the Irrigation Ovest Sesia Assocation as the supplier of automation equipment for river water control. The system, running at a unattended site of Cavour river, has been developed with Semaphore RTU TBox and allows the automatic management of the river barrage. Through the communication of alarms and other sensitive data via GPRS/UMTS, the Customer can managed remotely all the operations.