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Achieving the growth goal planned, our company is seeking skilled developers in SCADA (e.g. InTouch, WinCC, RSView, Movicon, IFix) PLC (e.g. Rockwell Logix, Allen-Bradley SLC, Siemens S7, GE 90/30, Scnheider TSX Premium,) and DCS (Siemens PCS7, Foxboro, ...).

Vacant roles require: dynamism, accurateness, problem solving skills, client orientation, self-motivation and interest in automation&IT area, willingness to travel abroad and fluency in written and spoken English (especially technical). The positions offered will guarantee work autonomy and opportunities to attain higher professional roles with higher remunerations.

Submit your CV here , and remember to give us explicit permission to process your personal data in accordance with italian law (d.lgs 196/2003).