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Logofive is a global provider in factory automation, industry software and consultancy services. 

Established in 2005 in Torino (Italy), Logofive has the mission to help the Manufacturing Companies to set-up a cost-effective management of operative processes, enabling a fast return on the IT investment. 

Logofive core business is focused on “Level 1” (Control) and “Level 2” (Supervision) Automation Systems, with an excellent track record in chemical, paper, automotive and handling/conveying fields.

Logofive serves regularly leaders in manufacturing (e.g. P&G, Sasol, Burgo, McBride, Bliss Chemicals, Galil Chemicals, ...) and qualified players in process engineering (Desmet Ballestra Group, Engineering Group, FlexLink, IIT, InkMaker, Nol-tec, … ).

Technological and industrial cross-competencies, project management skills and flexible organisation are the strenghts that make us a proficient and forward-looking solution and service provider.

Logofive is committed to fully meeting the Customer expectations not just as a strategy, but actually as a distinction mark of its people. Our Clients credit us as a reliable and proactive partner with an uncommon talent for troubleshooting and getting results.