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CCS is Logofive's performing solution for supervision and control of continuous or batch processes in several industry areas. Modular architecture, reliable hardware and software technologies and cost effective approach are the strengths that have led many customers to choose it as preferred automation solution.>>
Achieving the planned growth goal, Logofive is seeking self-motivated and skilled professionals in SCADA, PLC and DCS technologies. Vacant positions will ensure work autonomy and opportunities to attain higher professional roles with higher remunerations.>>
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Logoview™, the evolution of Logoview NT, is the SCADA Package developed out of Logofive expertise in system integration and custom projects. Installed in more than 2,500 units worldwide, Logoview is a powerful tool to provide the highest levels of reliability and security required from industrial contexts.>>
Logoweight, formerly known as LTP100W, is an electronic controller to manage weighing and dosing machines in chemical, pharma and food productions. Logoweight can be used succesfully both in continuous and batch mixing, assuring  high computing speed and accuracy of  measurements.>>